Monday, August 1, 2011

10 Things that made me smile!

Happy Monday!
  1. 3 more weeks of work left! Hooray. I can't wait to finish work and have time to do all of the left over baby things like setting up the nursery! 
  2. Homemade Chicken burger with fat chips. Although I don't really think that I have experienced any pregnancy cravings, I must admit that I have been kinda obsessed with hamburgers. The really good pub or fish & chip shop variety that comes with cheese and salad with a side of chunky chips. Last week B cooked me up the most delicious homemade chicken burger with G'rilled style chips- the BEST husband in the world. 
  3. My Topshop Maternity purchases. Everything has been worn at least once since last Tuesday- so comfortable and have had compliments on each item I have worn. 
  4. Weekend dinners at my favourite Cottesloe haunts- Vans on Friday night and il Lido on Sunday. 
  5. Singing along to Pnau at Splendour in Grass on Saturday  while doing the house work.
  6. Madelines. So easy to make and so so delicious 
  7. My shiny Shellac manicure- it will be a test, but they say it will last for 10-14 days. Hard to believe...I will keep you posted. Genius if it does. 
  8. Holiday dreaming. It's still a while off, but we are trying to devise a holiday plan for March 2012. So excited already, I love holidays!
  9. The baby boom. Loving all of the news of friends babies being born and all the exciting announcements of more babies to come! Very cute knowing that our bebe will have lots of little friends (& cousins!) to play with.
  10. More Melbournites moving across to Perth.
Have a great week.

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  1. Shellac is great and it definitely lasts. Just don't peel it off as you will take a layer of your nail with it and make them really weak - I made that mistake! xx