Thursday, April 28, 2011

A long Easter weekend in Broome

Well- I am well and truly back to reality, after a gorgeous six days of R&R in beautiful Broome in north Western Australia.

Broome is a place that I have always wanted to visit, but until now I have never managed to get there, it is so far away from fact it's so far away from pretty much everywhere, and that is definitely part of Broome's unique appeal.

As soon as you arrive in Broome you can't help but relax and slow down- that feeling you usually get after two weeks holiday anywhere else (i.e super chilled out) is achieved in an afternoon, and you find yourself staring out into the blue green Indian ocean without a care in the world, devouring books by the pool and taking lazy afternoon naps, before watching the best sunset in the world.  Pure tropical bliss...

Here are some of my favourite things to do in Broome.

Watch the most amazing tropical sunset @ The Sunset Bar @ Cable Beach Club. This has to be the best sunset in the world.

See Dinosaur foot prints at Gantheaume Point and be in awe of the incredible colours of the Kimberley -the red dirt and stone against the blue ocean and sky is one of the most unique sights I have ever seen. 

Visit a Pearl Farm and see where and how the famous South Sea Pearls are created. Once you know what you are looking to head into Linneys, Kailis or Paspaley in town to peruse the amazing pearl jewellery creations.

Take lots of long walks along Cable Beach. Cable Beach is enormous and makes you feel like you could just keep walking forever and ever...

Enjoy a heavenly massage at Chahoya Spa and enjoy the delicious herbal tea and snacks in their relaxation room afterwards, I didn't want to leave.

Marvel at the Staircase to the Moon @ The Mangrove Hotel. No photo can really do this justice, but it was absolutely incredible, nature truly is amazing.

Cave Man by Rusty Peters @ Short Street Gallery 
Visit the Short Street Gallery and admire the inspiring local artwork. If you want to buy indigenous Australian artwork  this is absolutely the place to do it. Short Street work directly with the artists communities in WA, and you know that the money is reaching the artists.

image via Matsos Website
Eat and Drink @ Matsos Brewery- try the tasting plate of Matsos locally brewed beers, some with interesting and tropical flavours- including Ginger, Chilli and Mango to name a few. I didn't unfortunately try the  Matsos brews, but my husband B enjoyed every minute, I loved the food- much better than expected.

Spot Green Tree Frogs- they are everywhere at night, so cute and very entertaining.

Soak in the scent of Frangipani that is absolutely everywhere -creating the most amazing tropical fragrance everywhere you go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everyday luxuries

Much to my husband’s frustration, I really like nice things.

Nice things bring me unexplainable joy, and really pick me up when I am feeling a little flat. I can’t help it -I am a Taurus, and the first to willingly admit that I am easily seduced by a beautiful and usually expensive something.
Everyday joy for me is to love the good things in life- even the little things that give you a just a few delicious moments of pleasure on an otherwise mundane Tuesday.
Here is the list of my everyday luxuries that bring me a little bit of happiness each and every day:

Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash

I have this hand wash in my bathroom, and the amazing scent always makes me smile.

Soft sheets and pillow cases

It may appear strange to some, but one of my favourite times of the day is climbing into bed to go to sleep. It is the best feeling climbing into a bed made up with beautiful soft sheets and pillowcases- this is a absolute must.
Image via Rue Magazine

Diptyque  Candles- Gardenia

Diptyque candles are hideously expensive in Australia, so I had never let myself indulge and buy one. However last year on a trip to Paris I stumbled across a Diptyque store - of course heavenly, but much to my surprise and pleasure, they are significantly cheaper than here in Australia. Next time I am stocking up.

Takeaway Coffee

No explanation needed really. I don’t drink instant- if I want a coffee, I want the good stuff.

South Sea Pearl Earrings

A gorgeous Christmas present from my husband, the pearls are beautiful and easy to wear with everything. I feel very special wearing them.

Chanel Beauty Products- Coco Mademoiselle Parfum, Lip Stick and Nail Polish 

I know it’s not the same as having an iconic 2.55 or a elegant Boucle Jacket from Chanel. But  never underestimate the potential of a spritz of perfume or a slick of lipstick when you need a little ….something.  Chanel Fragrance and Beauty have the everyday luxury market stitched up.

Lindt Chocolate Balls – Milk or Dark

See Takeaway Coffee, same rules apply.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A perfect sunday morning....

If you are looking for a hairdresser in Perth, Head Studio is absolutely at the top of my list. Due to the Easter long weekend Head Studio decided to open for appointments last Sunday, and I was lucky to snap one up- it was the start of a perfect Sunday morning.

Situated in an amazing old building on King Street, Head Studio is a hive of activity- with two, but soon to be three levels, the salon is filled with customers having their tresses attended to by the Head Studio staff. It can get really busy downstairs, especially on a weekend or Friday night, but the upstairs colour room is a haven. There are stacks of current overseas and local magazines, good coffee, delicious teas and a beautiful head and neck massage from one of the staff before you start your colour. I settled in for a morning of pampering and mag reading..heaven.

I was also excited to hear that Head Studio is expanding into the beauty arena- opening on 27th April there will be a beauty level downstairs. Starting off with manicures and pedicures, the plan is to offer a range of beauty treatments and perhaps most excitingly a Blow Dry Bar!! Similar to the likes of Topshop's Oxford St Blow Dry bar, you can go in and select from a menu of different styles of blow dry before a night or day out. Brilliant.

So feeling refreshed from my hair appointment, I step outside the salon and spy the beautiful window of Cult Status next door. Definitely time for some window shopping....what a perfect Sunday morning.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday

Hooray it's Friday! 
Looking forward to a weekend filled with yummy breakfasts with friends, shopping, cooking, the mandatory mani/pedi and perhaps that last swim at Cottesloe for the year.
 Have a fabulous weekend xx

PS- If you haven't already, check out the Kate Spade Tumblr at the link above. It is fast becoming on of my faves.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Papa-Sucre by Sass & Bide Winter 2011

I am completely in love with the new collection from Sass & Bide- Papa Sucre. See my favourite items below- absolutely divine.

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection

Papa-Sucre Collection
Definitely heading into the new Claremont store on Saturday to try on some of the jackets. What's your favourite look?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011's Get the Look- Anouk Lepere

Feature courtesy of and image by Vanessa Jackman

Rachel Gilbert's Apartment in Ivy & Piper

Images courtesy of Ivy & Piper

Images courtesy of Ivy & Piper

Images courtesy of Ivy & Piper

Images courtesy of Ivy & Piper

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moda Operandi

Image from

There is a new fashion website that has everyone in the fashion world talking- Moda Operandi.

Moda Operandi is a members only website that has been launched by one of my style icons, Lauren Santo Domingo, a US Vogue Editor and NY uber-socialite (Lauren has nearly 20,000 followers on Twitter), and Aslaug Magnusdottir, the former head of merchandising for Gilt Noir. The idea behind Moda Operandi is to "put you front row at the runway, from the comfort and privacy of your own home", put simply Moda Operandi is a way to ensure that you are on the waiting list for the next must have designer item before anyone else.

Image from

Moda Operandi gives its members access to purchase items from designer collections two days after they appear on runway, rather than the usual half-year wait for ranges to appear in stores.  Boasting an impressive list of designer brands, handpicked by Lauren Santo Domingo and Aslaug Magnusdottir, including both emerging and established brands such as: Missoni, Alberta Ferretti, Isabel Marant, Marchesa, Nina Ricci, Giambattista Valli, Carolina Herrera, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, to name a few. In addition to ready-to-wear, the Moda Operandi range showcases amazing designer jewellery, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Moda Operandi have also secured exclusive pieces to be available through Moda Operandi that will not be seen anywhere else.

Image from

How does it work?

The site will offer designer collections from spring, resort, autumn and pre-autumn each year, selling jewellery and accessories during the months in between.

Image from

Each of the Trunk shows are only available online for a short period of time, 36-72 hours, so you have to move quickly to secure your piece of choice.

Delivery times vary depending on the item, and can range from six weeks to four months. If you decide to purchase from Moda Operandi, you are charged half the item cost up front, and then the balance when your item is ready to ship. The delay in shipment, allows for high quality production standards to be maintained, but giving buyers piece of mind that they have secured their latest must have item before anyone else. Items that are featured in the Moda Operandi have only appeared on the runway two days before.

Image from

Membership at Moda Operandi is offered by invitation only, you can apply for membership by completing a membership request at the website, however recently a select group of fashion bloggers have run promotions to their followers offering access to Moda Operandi memberships (Note: This is how gained my membership- thanks Gwynnie).

It is definitely a radical concept for the fashion world, and opinion is divided about whether to embrace the members-only site, as its sidesteps the pretentious institution and snobbery of the traditional designer trunk show, usually a privilege granted only to high-spending customers and friends of people in the know. Moda Operandi now opens the door to this exclusive world to those who are interested in purchasing the latest designer fashions, but don't have the social connections previously needed to gain access.

Very interesting indeed. Visit 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Style Inspiration bought to you by Vanessa Jackman

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Check out Vanessa's amazing street style blog here I was super excited to see that Vanessa is an Aussie living in London. All of her photos are fantasic, definitely good inspiration for a Monday morning.

Have a good week xx

Need...Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange

This morning I was flicking through gorgeous eMag Lonny and saw this feature on Ines de la Fressange's divine new book Parisian Chic

I remember seeing pictures of Ines on the Chanel catwalk when I started looking through Vogue in the early nineties, she is always sublimely elegant and of course I am just a little obsessed with Parisian style. 

In her new book, Parisian Chic, Ines shares the secrets to living and looking like the quintessential Parisienne. Effortlessly chic naturellement! 

Sigh- transporting myself to the Marais right now. Pre-order a copy on Amazon.


All images from Lonny- April 2011 Edition