Thursday, April 7, 2011

An ode to bargains!

I have to share with you my very exciting Shopbop bargains. If you follow my blog you will soon gather that I am rather obsessed with online shopping, and I am going to share my experiences so the online LOVE is shared.

Shopbop, in my opinion is the best online fashion store. Of course I LOVE Net-a-Porter, but most of the items I love on there are on my "Wishful Thinking" shopping list, and if I can afford them I can usually get them from Shopbop, at a better price (due to the Australian Dollar being at parity with the US Dollar) and pay no shipping costs. 

One thing is particular that I love about Shopbop  is the My Hearts page. Basically as you are trawling through the pages and pages of amazing items on the site, you can tag what you love with a little heart and it creates a favourites or Things I Love page. This is amazing as you can keep coming back and considering your purchases, and most importantly you can see when they go on sale- Yay!

I have had two wins this week, with two of my LOVES going on sale- got to LOVE that.

The first is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tate Tote for $138 

Have a look at the link below

And next we have a Kain Label Vera Long Dress in Grey- $84

Check it out at the link below

I can't wait for the delivery man to arrive! These are perfect for my Easter holiday to Broome- just 2 weeks to go. 

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