Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everyday luxuries

Much to my husband’s frustration, I really like nice things.

Nice things bring me unexplainable joy, and really pick me up when I am feeling a little flat. I can’t help it -I am a Taurus, and the first to willingly admit that I am easily seduced by a beautiful and usually expensive something.
Everyday joy for me is to love the good things in life- even the little things that give you a just a few delicious moments of pleasure on an otherwise mundane Tuesday.
Here is the list of my everyday luxuries that bring me a little bit of happiness each and every day:

Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash

I have this hand wash in my bathroom, and the amazing scent always makes me smile.

Soft sheets and pillow cases

It may appear strange to some, but one of my favourite times of the day is climbing into bed to go to sleep. It is the best feeling climbing into a bed made up with beautiful soft sheets and pillowcases- this is a absolute must.
Image via Rue Magazine

Diptyque  Candles- Gardenia

Diptyque candles are hideously expensive in Australia, so I had never let myself indulge and buy one. However last year on a trip to Paris I stumbled across a Diptyque store - of course heavenly, but much to my surprise and pleasure, they are significantly cheaper than here in Australia. Next time I am stocking up.

Takeaway Coffee

No explanation needed really. I don’t drink instant- if I want a coffee, I want the good stuff.

South Sea Pearl Earrings

A gorgeous Christmas present from my husband, the pearls are beautiful and easy to wear with everything. I feel very special wearing them.

Chanel Beauty Products- Coco Mademoiselle Parfum, Lip Stick and Nail Polish 

I know it’s not the same as having an iconic 2.55 or a elegant Boucle Jacket from Chanel. But  never underestimate the potential of a spritz of perfume or a slick of lipstick when you need a little ….something.  Chanel Fragrance and Beauty have the everyday luxury market stitched up.

Lindt Chocolate Balls – Milk or Dark

See Takeaway Coffee, same rules apply.

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  1. Gorgeous Alisa, there is nothing wrong with a little luxury in life!
    PS. If you want Diptyque candles they are much cheaper over here too, let me know and I can send some to you.