Thursday, April 28, 2011

A long Easter weekend in Broome

Well- I am well and truly back to reality, after a gorgeous six days of R&R in beautiful Broome in north Western Australia.

Broome is a place that I have always wanted to visit, but until now I have never managed to get there, it is so far away from fact it's so far away from pretty much everywhere, and that is definitely part of Broome's unique appeal.

As soon as you arrive in Broome you can't help but relax and slow down- that feeling you usually get after two weeks holiday anywhere else (i.e super chilled out) is achieved in an afternoon, and you find yourself staring out into the blue green Indian ocean without a care in the world, devouring books by the pool and taking lazy afternoon naps, before watching the best sunset in the world.  Pure tropical bliss...

Here are some of my favourite things to do in Broome.

Watch the most amazing tropical sunset @ The Sunset Bar @ Cable Beach Club. This has to be the best sunset in the world.

See Dinosaur foot prints at Gantheaume Point and be in awe of the incredible colours of the Kimberley -the red dirt and stone against the blue ocean and sky is one of the most unique sights I have ever seen. 

Visit a Pearl Farm and see where and how the famous South Sea Pearls are created. Once you know what you are looking to head into Linneys, Kailis or Paspaley in town to peruse the amazing pearl jewellery creations.

Take lots of long walks along Cable Beach. Cable Beach is enormous and makes you feel like you could just keep walking forever and ever...

Enjoy a heavenly massage at Chahoya Spa and enjoy the delicious herbal tea and snacks in their relaxation room afterwards, I didn't want to leave.

Marvel at the Staircase to the Moon @ The Mangrove Hotel. No photo can really do this justice, but it was absolutely incredible, nature truly is amazing.

Cave Man by Rusty Peters @ Short Street Gallery 
Visit the Short Street Gallery and admire the inspiring local artwork. If you want to buy indigenous Australian artwork  this is absolutely the place to do it. Short Street work directly with the artists communities in WA, and you know that the money is reaching the artists.

image via Matsos Website
Eat and Drink @ Matsos Brewery- try the tasting plate of Matsos locally brewed beers, some with interesting and tropical flavours- including Ginger, Chilli and Mango to name a few. I didn't unfortunately try the  Matsos brews, but my husband B enjoyed every minute, I loved the food- much better than expected.

Spot Green Tree Frogs- they are everywhere at night, so cute and very entertaining.

Soak in the scent of Frangipani that is absolutely everywhere -creating the most amazing tropical fragrance everywhere you go.

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