Monday, May 2, 2011

3 Skincare products that I have just tried

La Roche Posay- Nutritic Transforming Care $34

What is it? Night cream for dry skin

Where can you buy? Unfortunately La Roche Posay products are not available in Australia, so I purchased online from

Why did I buy it? My sensitive skin was having a serious tantrum, my forehead was in a world of pain with an array of red dry blotches. I suspected that my normal moisturiser and cleanser were irritating and making things worse, and I needed something developed for sensitive skin, with little or no fragrance. After some research I decided to try French Dermatologist brand, La Roche Posay.

The Verdict: My skin, although still far from perfect, has calmed down and all of the irritation and sensitivity is gone. Nutritic is perfect as a night cream, but way too heavy for daytime. I am officially converted and will definitely try more La Roche Posay products, excellent quality and a really reasonable price.

Guinot- Gentle Face Exfoliating Cream $40

What is it? I think the name says it all

Where do I buy? Guinot Salons or

Why did I buy it? I have a love hate relationship with exfoliating my face. As I have really sensitive skin, most products are too harsh, leaving me with unattractive red blotches all over my face, but due dryness I need to exfoliate quite often to ensure I don't get build up of dead skin.

So generally I tend to stick to AHA or non-manual type exfoliants that don’t require rubbing my skin with granules- a sure fire way to aggravate sensitive skin.

This product is sort of a combination of the two, you apply the product like a mask and leave on for a few minutes, then west you hands and loosen the mask in a circular motion, then rinse off.

The Verdict? Although this definitely helps remove the build up of dead skin cells, I find this product too rough for my skin, although. After the last few applications I have found myself blotchy and sensitive. My search for a good exfoliant for sensitive skin continues....any suggestions?

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Eye Cream $89.95

What is it? Anti-aging eye cream. 
Perfect for dry skin, that is showing some signs of ageing.

Where do I buy? L' Occitane Stores and David Jones

Why did I buy? I needed a new eye cream, but did not expect to buy one from L’Occitane. On the search for shower gel in L'Occitane a very persuasive sales person convinced me I should try the new skincare range, I settled on the eye cream.

The Verdict: A gorgeous eye cream that definitely helps combat the crepey fine lines around the eyes that appear when the skin is dehydrated, and leaves the skin hydrated but not greasy. My eyes definitely look refreshed in the morning after put it on, which can only be good! Absolutely worth a try.

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