Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The scary truth…..shopping for maternity jeans

Well the  moment has come….GULP.
Last week I went to put on my jeans and I struggled to do up the button. I knew it was coming, as I am pregnant, but I have been putting off buying maternity clothes for as long as possible. But standing there looking down at my jeans waist band snuggling in just a little bit too closely to my bump (poor baby!), I had to bite the bullet and buy some new jeans. Maternity ones…as if jean shopping is not scary enough.
Always my first stop for jeans- Shopbop.com. I always buy my jeans online, as they are so much cheaper in the US- there is no way I am paying double for J Brand jeans here in Australia when I can get shipped for free from Shopbop in 5 days.
I have been eyeing off a pair of J Brand Love Story jeans for a while now- so I purchased the maternity version that have very clever stretchy side panels so you don’t have the big elastic baby bump waist band. My Love Story’s arrived yesterday and they are everything that I was hoping for!! So pleased and completely worth the $190 that I paid. Beautiful denim and so comfortable, these are going to be my dressy jeans throughout winter. I LOVE J Brand xx.
J Brand Love Story Maternity Jeans @ Shopbop.com

Next, on the recommendation of my sister and a few friends, I went to Jeans West. I must admit that when the first person suggested Jeans West I did think- hmmm…no way.
To put it politely, I have never purchased an item of clothing at Jeans West (I know I am a massive snob), but after the 3rd, 4th and 5th person bought it up I thought..maybe I should go have a look. Well I ended up buying 2 pairs for $109- absolute bargain. Definitely worth checking out. 
Jeans West Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans- Black

Jeans West Straight Leg Maternity Jeans- Blue

 At that price I thought I can’t really go wrong, perfect for wearing under lots of tunic tops and long layers. My only gripe is the kind of confronting baby bump band which goes all the way up under your bust line……I try not to think about it, but I do have to stop kidding myself, and as my husband put it oh so delicately “you are only going to get bigger” ! YIKES

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  1. Darla you really will find the overbump very comforting soon, trust me. Leave your vanity at the door and go (a little bit) for comfort.xx