Friday, June 3, 2011

3 Beauty products I have just tried

Well it's time again to report back on some new beauty products that I have tried for the first time.

Avene- Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream - $48

After my win with La Roche Posay, I have been inspired to try more French Pharmacy skincare products- next on my list was a day cream.

I have been religiously using Guinot Hydraderm which I love, but my skin feels like it is getting too used to it and it was time to try something else. Trying new moisturisers for me is very scary business, as I have really sensitive skin that has very bad reactions in the past (read: hot, stinging sore red welts- not ideal) and with pregnancy this sensitivity appears to be heightened, so I am not taking any chances. I was looking for something gentle, with no fragrance, that will give my skin a good hit of hydration. I have tried the Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser before and was really impressed, so I thought this might be a good place to start looking for a moisturiser, and the Avene products are easy to find at Priceline and Pharmacies, which is fantastic if you don’t have time to wait for an online order to arrive.

Never heard of Avene?
“Avène is a dermo-cosmetique (dermatology based cosmetic) skin care brand dedicated to all levels of skin sensitivity, from mildly sensitive to atopic (allergic). All of the Avène products contain Avène Thermal Spring Water, endorsed by dermatologists worldwide for its soothing properties. Avène is the number one skin care brand in French pharmacies and number two across Europe.”

What they say about Hydrance Optimale : “A daily moisturiser for dry skin specifically formulated to provide prolonged hydration”.

My  verdict: where have you been all my life!!! I can’t believe this product only costs $48 and I have been spending over $100 on moisturiser for years. The texture of the cream is thick, but it sinks into your skin perfectly, leaving skin perfectly hydrated and not at all greasy. I am going back to have a look at the rest of the Avene range- amazing quality and an even better price. Absolutely love it.

Buy from Priceline and Pharmacies.

Bumble and Bumble- Thickening Spray $50

Inspired by Kate Middleton’s bouncy blow dry, I needed to find a volumising hair product to give my hair  a lot of a helping hand in the volume department. The Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray has been on my radar for a while, and when I received the Mecca Cosmetica top products catalogue and saw this reviewed  it spurred me into store to purchase.

What they say about Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray: “Helps fine hair achieve styling lift-off, but also works wonders on any hair type”

You apply Thickening Spray to damp hair before blow drying, comb through  and then dry as you normally would. Straight away I noticed that my hair was plumping out as it dried, not too OTT, just a nice amount of volume that surprisingly was noticeable all through the length of my hair, not just at the roots.

My verdict: I think that I still need to get a handle on how best to use this product to create a perfect blow dry, but there is no denying that it does plump up your hair creating more volume- I love the way the lengths of my hair have more body. Absolutely worth trying if you have long hair, and it appears that the bottle will last for quite a long time so for $50 I think this product is a good investment. I think I just need to improve my blow drying technique and it will deliver a really great volumising style.

Buy from Mecca Cosmetica.

John Frieda- Root Awakening $13

I am always on the lookout for something to help my hair! As my hair is long and fine, I have to comb out a few knots at the end of my hair before blow drying, and I was looking for a product that will help strengthen and detangle my hair when wet, and heat protect it when styling.

What they Say about Root Awakening Leave in Strengthening Spray: “must-have in the line, this daily leave in spray nourishes from roots to ends, delivering essential vitamins and effective levels of natural Eucalyptus and is proven to improve hair's strength and visible health.”

Spray at the roots of damp freshly washed hair, once applied comb through from roots to the ends of your hair, you feel how easily the comb goes through, so this is perfect for long hair that tends to tangle at the ends. Root Awakening heat protects and detangles hair leaving it soft and shiny when blow dried.

My  verdict: Really great value product that you can pick up from the supermarket. Suited to long, fine hair or any hair that tangles after washing. It doesn’t weigh down my hair at all, and leaves it soft and shiny.

Buy from Priceline or Safeway/Woolworths.

Have you tried any of these products? Would love to hear what you think of them- leave me a comment x

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