Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Things that made me smile!

Shoestring Chic-101 Ways to Live the Fashionably Luxe Life for Less Kerrie Hess. I LOVE Kerrie Hess's amazing vintage fashion inspired illustrations, and I swooned over her stunning Melbourne apartment, complete with picture perfect family (not to mention a wardrobe to die for!) in the June/July edition of Harpers Bazaar . Kerrie is a true fashion lover, and I can't wait to read through her fashion on a shoestring secrets. I just ordered a copy through Booktopia- a steal at $18.75. This would make a gorgeous gift for a fashion loving friend, or as I see it the perfect addition to my growing book collection.

A lazy Saturday morning lie in. Much to my husband's annoyance, I don't really like sleeping in. I wake up at pretty much the same time of day every day of the week, especially now I am quite pregnant and not as comfortable lying in bed. But on Saturday I got up at the usual time, ate my breakfast  (as I was absolutely ravenous!) and then went back to bed. It was so nice, normally I get anxious that I am wasting the morning, but this time I grabbed my book and snuggled back under the doona and read until I had to get ready for Pilates.

Pregnancy Pilates. This was so much harder than I thought it was going to be! My leg and arm muscles are so sore, and it was such a  good stretch....really should have started doing this much earlier in my pregnancy. Oh well better late than never.

Scrambled Eggs with Vegies. Delicious and a easy way to incorporate more vegies into your diet, something I am making a concerted effort to do. I quickly whipped this up for lunch on Saturday, with red capsicum, spring onions, mushroom, cherry tomato, fresh parsley and chives from the garden.

Matchbook Magazines- Wardrobe Essentials. I love the idea of perfectly edited essentials that make up the backbone of your wardrobe. I feel a project coming on- perfect for post pregnancy wardrobe reorganising!

Health and Wellbeing Blogs. I have been reading these all weekend. There are so many out there, with so much useful health information and interesting healthy recipes- to my surprise I am also loving the inspirational and motivational posts as well.

Beautiful fruit for breakfast. Pineapple, honeydew melon, strawberries, thick  Greek natural yoghurt with a sprinkling of muesli on top. DELICIOUS

Sunday Lunch. Yesterday we went to Harvest in North Fremantle for a delicious Sunday lunch. Ben had a yummy slow cooked pork shoulder sandwich with pickled cabbage (I had a taste and it was to die for!) and I had a scrumptious Mushroom Risotto.   It is fast becoming my favourite meal of the week.

The Tour de France- and I am not just saying this because Cadel won! As I am mildly obsessed with all things Gallic, I just loved watching the beautiful towns, mountains and countryside of France in the background. And WOW-the competitors are truly amazing, they are so dedicated and focused- tres inspirateur.

My Topshop purchases arriving today- what a way to finish a Monday!

Have a great week x

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